Much needed funds will be necessary for the expansion of water service facilities in the barangays even as Zamboanga City Water District is being tapped to improve the provision of water supply to consumers.

In a meeting with barangay heads from Bungiao, Lapakan, Salaan, Upper Dulian, and Lumbangan ZCWD General Manager Leonardo Rey D. Vasquez told the barangay leaders of the possibility of city hall’s intercession to address the needed funds.

Among the things discussed during the meeting was the possible tapping of new water sources to augment existing ones, energize areas not yet being served by ZCWD and drilling of new water wells.

Vasquez mentioned also the intervention of the city government and other national government agencies such as Department of Tourism (DOT) and civic clubs in terms of providing funding as the district is hard pressed to finance expansion projects on its own.

More than eighty (80) million pesos is needed to push the expansion projects in the five (5) mentioned barangays.

Those who were present in the meeting included Bungiao Barangay Chief Nestor H. Atilano, Lapakan Barangay head Clodualdo E. Cosme, Lumbangan head Rogelio B. Arcillas, Myrna A. Vicknoy of Dulian and Salaan chief Regalado C. Faustino.

Also in the meeting were Assistant General Manager Engr. Arnulfo A. Alfonso of the Technical Services Group, Engr. Marli de Fiesta of the Engineering and Construction Department, Engr. Valery Gay A. Gutierrez head of the Environment and Watershed Department.

The meeting with the mayor is currently being worked out for later this month.

(Ed Baños CREAS Chief – ZCWD)