What is the Policy on Disconnection?

1.  Water service connection will be subjected for disconnection five (5) days after due date,  if payment of bill is not made.

2. In case of non-payment following the 5-day grace period, the customer is considered  delinquent.

3. A NOTICE OF DISCONNECTION will be given to the customer a day after following the  5-day grace period. The delinquent customer is given twenty-four (24) hours from receipt  of the Notice for Disconnection, to settle their account.

4. The office reserves the right to disconnect water service connection in case of non-payment  of delinquent account, following the twenty four (24) hours period from receipt of notice,  either by:

4.1 Dismounting of water meter at the meter stand or;  4.2 Padlocking of angle valve


*Reference to Board Resolution No. _______