Close to a thousand to apply for new water connections in Pasonanca

Residents of Barangay Pasonanca during the dialogue with Zamboanga City Water District


In its ongoing drive to help people apply for water connections, the Zamboanga City Water District last Saturday offered to grant close to a thousand consumers water connections on lenient and affordable terms in cooperation with the Pasonanca Barangay Council.


The local water utility firm has laid down water distribution pipes along the old main aqua duct in Upper Pasonanca where residents can tap for connections to their households.


In a consultative meeting held at the Upper Pasonanca Elementary School covered courts, ZCWD through its General Manager Leonardo Rey D. Vasquez together with Barangay Chieftain Efigenio Julian Jr. assured the residents of speedy processing of their applications now that a new pipeline has been laid out.


The district has requested the same residents to transfer to the new line to avail of potable water as many where tapping into the raw water pipeline of the old aquaduct.


Manager Vasquez stressed the transfer will now ensure consumers of the city water firm will be getting potable water in adherence to the National Standard for Drinking Water.


The offer to transfer to the new dedicated line was warmly received by the residents who will now be given 45 days to have their applications processed.


Also, a team from Edcop Primex composed of Engr. Edward Cruz and Antonio Liwag gave an overview of the full Feasibility Study which they will be conducting soon in Pasonanca on the construction of the impounding dam.


The duo through the Barangay Council sought the help and cooperation of the residents to help them in their study.


Vasquez for his part thanked the Barangay Council through Chairman Julian and the residents themselves for their help and cooperation in the application for connections to the city water district.


Vasquez assured it was the best interest of the district to ensure all will get the benefit of potable water service to their households here in the city.


ZCWD at present has over 62 thousand active connections servicing close to a million inhabitants in Zamboanga. (Edgardo Lorenzo D. Baños – CREAS Chief-ZCWD)