PAGASA’s latest climate models predict El Niño by early 2019 due to the developing El Niño phenomenon.  The effects of El Niño is already being felt in Zamboanga City as monitored in the reduced production output of ZCWD’s bulk water supplier in the west coast and the receding, below normal dam level at Pasonanca.  The supply of potable water will be significantly reduced.


To lessen the effects of El Niño, we are appealing to our clients to:


  1. Conserve and use water wisely.  Check and repair household plumbing leaks.
  2. Report leakages, unrestored excavations, and suspected illegal connections
  3. Report condition of the pipelines, particularly those that need repair/rehabilitation


For regular updates and other water conservation tips, please visit our FB page (www.facebook.com/ZamboangaCityWaterDistrict/).


ZCWD can be reached at our Hotline Numbers 955 – 1007, 991 – 1556 loc 8111 8:00AM – 5:00PM (Monday – Friday) and 957-3607 loc. 100 5:00PM – 8:00AM (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) or E-mail Address: aguaesvida@zcwd.gov.ph or also visit us at our Office located at Pilar Street, Zone IV, this City.