ZCWD PR 007 S. 2019 and ZCWD WRS 006 S. 2019

ZCWD modifies water rationing schedule, water levels continue drop

The water rationing scheme of Zamboanga City Water District was modified anew yesterday as water levels continue to drop limiting the district in the daily production of potable water to its customers.

Task Force ‘El Niño’ head Engr. Marli Acosta de Fiesta said, the newly modified scheme, which went into effect midnight of February 8, 2019 (Friday), will now include areas serviced by Prime Water in the west coast.

The modifications to the water rationing schedule will allow better water pressure builds up and help the water utility firm to reach areas it is serving especially those in far off places and high elevated locations.

Engr. De Fiesta added, engineers will continue valve corrective adjustments while keeping a close watch on water level inflows in both the Saz river in the west and the Tumaga river, the two biggest suppliers of raw water of the district.

Engr. De Fiesta added, the entire west coast and the central area which were areas not included in the earlier water rationing schemes are now included in the rotating rationing program.

Water at the main water treatment plant in Pasonanca is down to 74.02 meters while Prime Water can only produce 21 MLD, down from its capacity of 50 MLD.

De Fiesta added, the district is now awaiting developments which could allow for cloud seeding operations to help re charge aquifers in the watershed area.

She also asked the public to be patient during the water rationing period as changeover in schedules will take time for water build up in the system before areas can be re supplied with water.

Everything is being done to ensure water is provided everyone in our service areas, de Fiesta disclosed.

The new water rationing scheme will be published in the newspapers, broadcast in radio and tv stations and will be put up in ZCWD Facebook page and Website for everyone’s information.

ZCWD WRS 006 s. 2019

(Effective February 8, 2019: 12MIDNIGHT)


Time: 12:00MN to 3:00PM the next day

Campo Islam
Baliwasan Tabuk
San Jose Gusu
Lower Calarian

Time: 12:00NN to 3:00AM the next day

Ayala (Zone 8)

Time: 4:00PM to 8:00AM the next day

Upper Calarian
Golf Area
Malagutay (Camp Enrile Gate 1)
San Roque
Southcom Village
Gov. Ramos (From Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial Highschool to San Roque- San Jose Gusu Intersection)
Armor Village

Time: 7:00PM to 10:00AM the next day

Cawit (After J.L. Sta. Teresa Road to Cawit – Maasin Boundary – Zone 5A)

Time: 8:00PM to 11:00AM the next day

Ayala (Zone 1 to 7)
Cawit (from Cawit – Recodo Boundary to J.L. Sta. Teresa Road – Zone 5A)


Time: 3:00AM to 6:00PM

Zone I
Zone II
Zone III
Zone IV
Rio Hondo
Sta. Barbara
RT Lim Boulevard
Sta. Catalina

Time: 10:00AM to 1:00AM the next day

Baliwasan Grande
Baliwasan Chico
Baliwasan – San Jose Road, Normal Road, RT Lim Boulevard, Don B. Navarro Road Junction, Don B. Navarro to Globe Telecom at San Jose Road
San Jose Cawa-Cawa