New Water Rationing Scheme set for Friday, February 15

A new schedule on rotating water rationing will be implemented midnight of Friday, February 15, 2019.

Task Force ‘El Niño’ co-head Engr. Marli de Fiesta said the new schedule will have to be implemented as water inflow into Zamboang City Water District and Prime Water Filtration plants continue a rapid decrease curtailing the water utility firm’s production.

Current water level at the Water Treatment Plant in Pasonanca is at 73.90 as of 5:00PM yesterday. Normal water level at the weir is 74.20 meters, while Prime Water the bulk water supplier of ZCWD providing water in the city’s west coast is reported to be only generating 19.56 million-liters per day (MLD), way down its rated capacity of 50 MLD.

The rapid decrease in water level is proving worrisome as figures are approaching lowest level reached during the crippling drought brought about by ‘El Niño 2015’.

The drought that time plunge water levels to critical low of 73.78 meters forcing 8-hour rotational rationing in the district’s service areas.

Based on records of the district made available by Assistant General Manager for Operations, Engr. Alejo S. Rojas Jr., the 73.7

8 meters lowest water level was recorded March 25, 2015, at the height of an ‘El Niño’ phenomenon, described by PAGASA as one of the worsts to hit this part of the country in recent times.

The further cutback in water distribution is necessary according to Engr. de Fiesta as the district is managing its water resources and stretching its supply line until the next rainfall comes around by May of this year.

‘We at ZCWD are trying to ensure that everyone in our service areas have access to water they can store for the day in the meantime we are experiencing this water shortage at the moment.

But once we stabilize operations, we will lift this water rationing scheme and revert back to normal operations’, Engr. de Fiesta said.

She also added, revisions to water rationing scheme are dependent on raw water inflow emphasizing new changes to the scheme will be implemented if the district warrants further cutbacks.