ZCWD Press Release 017 s. 2019

ZCWD pays tribute to Mayor Vinnie


The name Jose Vicente F. Atilano II, resonates with much respect in the various circles of society but nowhere more loudly and distinctly than the political arena.

Mayor Vinnie as many who knew of him calls him fondly, spent an illustrious career at the helm of city hall from 1978 to 1980.

In the short span of time he was running the affairs of Zamboanga City, Mayor Vinnie’s tenure was punctuated by that singular adherence and strict implementation of the rule of law.

But lost from most people’s consciousness is the fact Mayor Vinnie help father the edict that created the Zamboanga City Water District.

Way back in 1973, The city council passed resolution number 446 in support of Presidential Decree 198 creating the Zamboanga City Water District.

Mayor Vinnie who was then Vice Mayor and presiding officer of the city’s august body, shepherded the passage of the measure and concurred unanimously by all members of the said body.

Illustrious members of that council were former Mayor Vitaliano Agan, former Vice Mayor and father of now mayor Beng Climaco, Jose Climaco, former judge Pelagio Mandi, former city administrator Rustico Varela, Silvestre Rivera, Rodolfo Araneta and Cesar Bucoy.

Resolution 446 in support of PD 198 paved the way for the creation, organization and operationalization of Zamboanga City Water District in 1974.

ZCWD General Manager Leonardo Rey D. Vasquez paid tribute to the former mayor for the great legacy he and the members of the city council of 1973 passed on to the residents of Zamboanga City.

‘Not too many know of this and for this he should be cited for helping create ZCWD, now serving the city for more than 45 years since then and we are most grateful’, Vasquez added.

Now things have gone full circle, as the former mayor’s eldest son Jose Vicente Atilano III, sits as the chairman of the board of directors of the city water utility firm.

Mayor Vinnie passed away last Thursday, July 25 in Metro Manila.

He will be interred this Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the Atilano family mausoleum in Toribio, Tetuan.