ZCWD CREAS IB 001 s. 2019
Thursday, March 21, 2019

ZCWD today announced some areas of the city will experience today more hours with water beyond their schedule.

This is because of the two days of rainfall brought by ‘Chedeng’ which has improved water level at both the Water Treatment Plant in Pasonanca and the Prime Water Facility in Pamucutan, allowing the production of more potable water for distribution to consumers.

ZCWD also announced the new water rationing scheme ZCWD WRS 011 imposed midnight of March 20, 2019 will still be enforced as water rationing has not yet been lifted.

This is in line with management’s policy of releasing potable water to its customers when available at sufficient levels.

The consuming public though is urged to strictly observe water conservation in their respective households.

The public is also enjoined to stay tuned to radio and television latest ZCWD bulletins, our website and our Facebook Page for latest developments. (ZCWD CREAS)

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