ZCWD PR 009 s. 2024 – Promotion of ZCWD Employees

April 15, 2024 – During today’s Flag Ceremony, ZCWD Acting General Manager (AcGM) Reynaldo R. Cabilin recognized the hiring of 3 Job Order Workers who have been in service for the district for more than 20 years. and promotion of 1 ZCWD Employee.

An oathtaking ceremony was held at the ZCWD Board Room with AcGM Cabilin administering the oath to the newly appointed employees. He then personally welcomed them to government service and encourages them to serve with sincerity and with purpose to uphold the vision and mission of the ZCWD.

Effective tomorrow, April 16, 2024, Mr. Melquaides D. Monopollo, Jr., former Plumber B with 34 years of service and Mr. Hendry L. Apolinario, former Water Maintenance Management A for 30 years will formally enter regular service as Utility Woker A. Mr. Winston P. Ma-ata, former Customer Service Assistant D for 21 years will formally enter regular service as Plumber A. Engr. Rowvette James T. Ruiz is promoted to Principal Engineer C under the Electro-Mechanical Division, Production Department.

Congratulations to the newly appointed ZCWD employees!
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