Schedule of Service

  • ¬†Monday to Friday – 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Who may avail of the service?

  • All registered applicants within the Service Area of the ZCWD


  • 5 Working Days

What are the requirements?

  • Requirement A:
  1. Certified true copy of Lot Title (if owner)
  2. If applicant is other than the real owner of the property, he/she must be armed with Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from such real owner.
  3. A Certified true copy of the land title shall be submitted. Photocopy shall not be accepted.
  4. The account shall be registered in the name of the real owner c/o the applicant.
  5. Certified Plumbing System (CPS) – if cost of construction for residence / building exceeds P50,000.00
  6. Sketch – location
  7. Barangay Clearance
  • Requirement B:
  1. Building Permit
  2. Excavation Permit- City Engineers Office, if city / Barangay road; District Engineers Office, if national road- Deposit performance bond should a concrete pavement demo / Resto is required
  3. Certificate of Attendance (orientation Seminar certificate)
  4. Photo through ZCWD Webcam
  5. Supplemental requirement- Barangay permit (if applicant will be the one to cut, break, restore concrete pavement)- Lessor liability in case of delinquency


How to avail of the service?

Step Customer Service Provider Duration Person In-charge Forms
1 Proceeds to Customer Service Division Interviews applicant and provides list of Requirement A 5 Minutes Customer Service Officer A Checklist
After completion of Requirement A
2 Proceeds and submits to Customer Service Division Check Requirement A. If complete, prepares sketch location and furnishes applicant / client with Service Application Form. Advises customer to attend the mandatory Orientation Seminar, issues pass slip for Orientation Seminar 10 Minutes Customer Service Officer / Customer Service Assistant SAS Form / Contract Card
3 If in time with the seminar date (Friday P.M.), proceeds to ZCWD roof deck Conducts Orientation Seminar 2 hours (From 2:00 to 4:00 P.M., every Friday only) Seminar Committee Pass Slip / Entry Pass
4 Other than Friday: proceeds to City Engineers Offce / DPWH City Engineers Office or DPWH City Engineers Office or DPWH Building Permit / Excavation Permit
5 Proceeds to Service Application Section and submits Requirement B Checks Requirement B. If complete, requires applicant / client to pay inspection fee at the Cashier 1 Minute Customer Service Officer B / Customer Service Assistant A Checklist of requirements
6 Proceeds to cashier Accepts payment for inspection fee 2 Minutes Cashier Official Receipt
7 Submits O.R. to the frontline officer, Customer Service Division Receives all application documents and schedules date for inspection 6 Minutes Customer Service Officer / Customer Service Assistant None
End of Transaction
3 Days, After Site Inspection
8 Proceeds to Service Application Section Updates applicant / client of the status of the service application documents 2 Minutes Customer Service Assistant None
9 Proceeds to the Customer Account Division Approves Service Application Documents 1 Minute Division Manager CAD, CS and EDP Department Service Application Form
After Approval of Service Connection Application
10 Returns to Service Application Section Attaches official receipt 5 Minutes Customer Service Assistant Service Application documents
11 Proceeds to General Accounting Division Accepts and computes total cost of materials and charges for service connection applied 5 Minutes Senior Accounting Processor B Service Application documents
12 Proceeds to the Cashier Accepts payment for total cost of connection applied and issues Official Receipt 2 Minutes Cashier Service Application documents / Store Requisition Slip
13 Proceeds to the Office of the Finance and Administration Group head for approval of Store Requisition Slip Confimrs payment and approves Store Requisition Slip 5 Minutes Secretary – Asst. General Manager, FAG Store Requisition Slip
After Approval of Store Requisition Slip
14 Proceeds and submits documents to the Service Application Division Provides customer / client copy of approved application 3 Minutes Customer Service Assistant A Service
End of Transaction