ZCWD AVISO 25 (June 19, 2020)


▪️The Php500 subsidy will only cover RESIDENTIAL and SEMI-RESIDENTIAL water accounts.

▪️It will only be applied to water bills starting March 20, 2020 (starting ECQ) until subsidy is consumed per account.

▪️It will only be applied to water consumed and not to arrears, surcharges, or penalties imposed on bills.

▪️Surcharges billed from March 20 to June 5 and paid, will be deducted in future bills after the consumption of the Php500 water subsidy per account.

▪️Customers with bills of LESS THAN Php500 may choose not to proceed to any ZCWD Payment Center. ZCWD system will automatically deduct the subsidy until the Php500 is exhausted.

▪️If the customer’s subsidy balance is no longer sufficient to cover the next bill, as shown in the billing, the customer, with valid QP, must proceed to any ZCWD Payment Center to pay the bill.

▪️Customers are strongly advised to ask for the Official Receipt showing the “LGU SUBSIDY” deduction reflected in the Official Receipt once they pay or visit any ZCWD Payment Center.