Schedule of Service

A. Payment (Monday to Friday – 8:00 A.M to 4:30 P.M.)

B. Delivery (Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 24 hours)


What are the requirements?

ZCWD Water Bill or Official Receipt


Who may avail of the service?

Registered customers with no unpaid account

Other customers with approved requests


Duration of transaction

15 minutes per customer


How to avail of the service?

Step 1

Customer: Gets delivery schedule with the Operations Group

Service Provider: Logs the request and issues delivery slip for billing

Duration: 5 Minutes

Person In-charge: Operations Group Water Delivery Personnel

Form: None

Step 2

Customer:  Proceeds to EDP / Computer room

Service Provider: Receives and encodes the billing based on the water delivery slip and returns the same to the customer. Advises customer to pay at the Cashier

Duration: 3 Minutes

Person In-charge: Senior Computer Operation

Form: Delivery Slip

Step 3

Customer: Proceeds to Cashier for payment

Service Provider: Receives payment and issues official receipt

Duration: 4 Minutes

Person In-charge: Cashier

Form: Delivery Slip

Step 4

Customer: Presents official receipt to Operations Group personnel for confirmation

Service Provider: Confirms the payment and schedule the delivery of water

Duration: 3 Minutes

Person In-charge: Operations Group Water Delivery Personnel

Form: None